Biden : The most honest Politician in Washington

The Vice President made an interesting statement in Charlotte, North Carolina basically summing up Mitt Romney’s criticism of the President’s economic policies. The Vice President said the the middle class “has been buried” the past four years. I could not agree more. It has been nearly impossible for middle class families to stand on their own two feet in this economic hurricane. Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan challenged Vice President Biden’s poor use of words in the Vice Presidential Debate to which VP Biden responded, “I mean what I say.”  Yes, Mr. Vice President, we know, and we are really glad that you speak the pure truth about what is going on.

The middle class has been buried with over spending, high gas prices, job loss, majority job creation in the low paying sector, regulations for small businesses, and the looming Obama-care. Regardless of what anyone says in either camp, our current situation is not good and not getting better.

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